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Cuetec Cues – Cynergy True-Wood Ebony Wrapless Pool Cue


  • Standard Butt Length 29″
  • Standard Shaft Length: 29”
  • Standard Tip: Tiger® Sniper Laminated (soft)
  • Joint: 3/8×14 Cuetec Joint (21.30mm)
  • Shaft Collar: Stainless Steel
  • Standard Cue & Shaft Weight: 19oz (available in 18oz., 20 oz., and 21 .oz)
  • Standard Shaft Weight: 3.8oz
  • Wrap: N/A

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History of Cuetec Cues

Cuetec Cues burst onto the scene in 1989 as a new concept in billiard cues. The basic premise being a cue, using a patented process, with a Grade A Plus North American Maple shaft coated with a thin layer of fiberglass or graphite that stayed straight despite all adverse conditions, was extremely damage resistant against the rigors of all types of play, was easy to maintain, and most importantly offered true professional quality and playability at prices just about anyone could afford.

In 1987, an engineer from Taiwan named Jones Chang who had worked in the Tennis industry involved in manufacturing wood rackets clad in graphite, demonstrated some cue stick samples at the Billiard Expo that year which used the same technology. This technology paired with outstanding cue design is what led to the birth of Cuetec Cues. Cuetec Cues started in 1989. The cues were originally distributed by J-S Sales Co in Mt. Vernon, N.Y and they were a line of 8 cues which included four fiberglass, and four graphite cues.

Entering a new era of Cuetec Cues

By 1992 Cuetec had a Pro Staff of five of the world’s top players. Through good marketing, top-notch salesmanship, and with the help of excellent pro endorsement the line tripled. Seven of the world’s top players had joined the Pro Staff in 1995 and the sales exploded. In a very short amount of time, Cuetec was on its way to become one of the top selling brands in the United States and abroad

By 2000, the line was now 58 cues, strong with a variety of cues that covered all playing needs. When J-S sales was purchased in 2006, the torch was passed to Imperial International.

In order to maintain that professional quality expected by players, Cuetec and Imperial worked extremely hard. By then, Cuetec had diversified into a line of top-quality one-piece house cues and accessories.

Introducing Shane Van Boening

In 2009, Cuetec signed Shane Van Boening, a multiple Player of the Year, World, and U.S. Champion. In 2010, in conjunction with Shane Van Boening, Imperial and Cuetec introduced and perfected a hi-tech and state of the art all wood series called R360 which has since become the standard of professional cues.

Since then Cuetec continues to be the highest and most professional quality cue available on the market today. Cuetec has hundreds of tournament wins to prove it.

*For more information visit the official Cuetec website : Cuetec | Designed and developed with input of top professionals

*To check out more cues from Cuetec, visit : Cuetec Cues Archives – Sport Ex (sportexbd.com)




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