Andy 600 Camel


For 9 Ft Pool Table


Made In Taiwan



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Andy 600, In our opinion, this cloth is for us the most enjoyable cloth on the market to play on. When combined with Aramith balls the result is a ball and cloth combination that allows average players to play with an extreme spin on the cue ball and do things they would not be able to do on any other cloth.

The only downside to this Andy 600 cloth is that when the ball comes to a stop, it can track slightly. This is the trade-off for the ability to be able to effortlessly put so much spin on the ball – for 90% of players they either won’t notice the tracking or won’t care, but for the top 10% of players this could annoy them.

Available in Powder Blue, Electric Blue, Green, Burgundy, Gold, Camel, Purple, and Black.



Andy Logo


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