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Andy 988 Cloth Electric Blue


For 9 Ft Pool Table

Component:Wool 76%,Nylon 24 %

Made In Taiwan



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About Andy 988 Cloth

ANDY 988 Cloth is made up of 80% Wool and 20% Nylon. Andy 988 Tournament Pro bestselling cloth in Asia.

The company uses authentic Spanish Merino wool. This fabric is widely recognized for its fine and smooth texture. The thread and weave all of their clothes in the Shanghai manufacturing factory using top of the line European machines.

How do they compare?

The main difference between the clothes is found in the nap finishing process. The wool used in both cloths is worsted. Most of the nap is removed upon manufacturing. However, some of it still remains in small amounts.

Simonis cut the remaining nap off leaving some of it embedded in the cloth. Fibers are a part of what gives Simonis its good playability, but they appear to cause problems as the cloth ages. When the cloth is brand new, cutting off the nap won’t affect its speed. In time, fibers come loose and slowly rise up. They also retain water making cloth heavily sensitive to humidity.

ANDY burn the nap off. This process removes almost 100% of the nap. ANDY cloths are virtually nap free. They will keep their original speed for a much longer time and will react better to climate and humidity. This innovative process will extend the lifespan of an ANDY cloth making it significantly longer than a higher-end Simonis cloth.

Not to mention the most important incentive in buying ANDY cloths its competitive price. Same-quality products made in Asia are generally less expensive than those made in Europe. The price difference is mainly because of low labor cost and moreover, China-Asian free trade agreement allows us to save on import taxes that usually skyrocket prices of European cloths.



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