Laili – X3 Pool Table

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Quick Overview

Table Specifications:

  • Model: X-3
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Color: Black Body with Silver Trims & Pockets
  • Size: 9 ft x 4.5 ft
  • Slate: 1″ Natural Chinese Slates
  • Rail Material: Solid Wood
  • Rail Cushion: K-55 Rubber Cushions
  • Ball Return System: Yes
  • Usage Period: 6 Months


Introducing Laili Pool Tables

Laili is a famous brand of cue belonging to laili sports equipment co LTD. Of Tianjin (hereinafter referred to as laili), founded in 1995. This is a famous billiards equipment chain in China. At present, Laili has hundreds of flagship chain stores around China, covering 29 provinces and autonomous regions.

In the 1990s, Laili introduced international mature billiards brand products to China. Providing professional billiards equipment from around the world for the vast number of fans who were still using the billiards cue. Later, with the rise of Chinese billiards and the continuous development of the Chinese billiards industry, more foreign products were imported into China. To enable Chinese billiards fans to enjoy advanced billiards equipment with higher performance, they took advantage of the billiards market  to promote Chinese billiards culture, additionally using independent research and development to create a new billiards brand.

The new technology developed for Laili Pool Tables

In the process of research and development, Laili Tables is not only famous for its exquisite material selection and fine workmanship, but also for breaking the traditional definition and independently developing their own technology. Laili not only maintain the touch of traditional pool tables, but also add more technical elements, making the playability and quality better.

The Laili Pool Tables brand put forward the concept of “breaking through the traditional concept and returning the natural qualities of performance”, combined with the long-term cooperation experience with overseas brands, Laili brand focused on the selection of raw materials, gaining access to a wider range of resources.

For more information visit : Tianjin Weilu Trading Co., Ltd. – billiard table, pool cue (

For more table options visit : Pool Tables – Sport Ex (

Sport Ex will be providing the following accessories with every unit:

  1. Cloth -1 Set
  2. Ball –1 Set
  3. 2 Part Playing Cue– 1 Set
  4. 1 Part Break Cue – 1 Set
  5. Chalk – 12 Pc
  6. Triangle – 1 Pc
  7. Chalk Holder – 1 Pc
  8. Bridge Cue – 1 Pc
  9. Bridge Head – 1 Pc
  10. Table Brush -1 Pc
  11. Cushion Brush– 1 Pc
  12. Cue Stand – 1 Pc
  13. Lamp Shade – 1Set
  14. Table Cover – 1 Pc
  15. Gloves – 2 Pc
  16. Cue Tip – 6 Pc




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