Yalin YL-M-8S (Chestnut)

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Brand Name: Yalin

Model Name: Gold Crown 5
Model Number: YL-M-8S
Cushion Material: Solid Wood
Leg Material: Solid wood
Size: 9Ft x 4.5 Ft
Net Weight (kg):630
Color: Mahagony



Accessories to be given with the table
2. Ball
3. 2 Part Playing Cue
4.1 Part Break Cue
5. Chalk
6. Triangle
7. Chalk Holder
8. Bridge Cue
9. Bridge Head
10. Table Brush
11. Cushion Brush
12. Ball Tray
13. Lamp shade
14. Cue Rack
15. Pool Clock
16. Gloves
17. Table Cover
18. Transport & Fitting Services



1 review for Yalin YL-M-8S (Chestnut)

  1. Al acapulco

    I bought this table as second hand. Here in the philipines. This one uses three slabs about an inch thick.. the sidings and wood is very sturdy. I would not have this one exchanged with other new tables. This is the best sofar.

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