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NIU SHAN Pool Balls


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Made in China

Size: 2.25″ in Diameter

Includes: Cue Ball and 1-15 Balls


NIU SHAN Pool Ball is made of PVP Resin makes the ball venerable when used commercially. Noodleman Pool Balls which are made in China are the most Economic ball. The quality can easily meet the demand for Non-Commercial use. Commercial use of this Ball is not suggested.


Pool balls are used to play various pool (pocket billiards or pool billiards) games, such as eight-ball, nine-ball, and one-pocket. In North America and Asia, they are called “billiard balls”.  According to WPA/BCA equipment specifications, the weight may be from 5.5 to 6.0 oz (160–170 g) with a diameter of 2.250 in (57.2 mm), plus or minus 0.005 in (0.127 mm). These are often referred to as 2 14-inch (57 mm) balls. The balls are numbered and colored as in the table.


Balls 1 through 7 are often referred to as solids and 9 through 15 as stripes though there are many other colloquial terms for each suit of balls (highs and lows, etc.). Since 1980 Striped balls were introduced. The 8 ball looks like a solid, but it is not counted as a stripe or a solid. Some games such as nine-ball do not distinguish between stripes and solids, but rather use the numbering on the balls to determine which object ball must be pocketed. In other games such as three-ball and straight pool, neither type of marking is of any consequence.


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