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Fury CA-02 Pool Cue


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Quick Overview

  • Tip: 12.5 US Tiger Everest Leather Tip
  • Ferrule: XTC Ferrule
  • Shaft: HT Evolution Carbon Core Maple Shaft
  • Taper: Pro
  • Joint: Fury -Loc
  • Wrap: Leather Wrap
  • Bumper: Screw In Black rubber
  • Extension Compatibility: Yes

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Why Fury Pool Cues?

Fury is the ideal pool cue for every beginner or casual pool player. What makes it a viable choice is its affordability. Fury provides a great build and playability that will cater to the needs of every pool player. Fury cues feature select materials from straight-grained Hard Rock Maple to rare exotic woods. In addition, Fury cues are also available in a wide range of styles and designs.

The Story of the Fury Pool Cue Brand

The world-famous brand of pool cues won the praise with billiards lovers in the world with a large number of followers. Fury provides a variety of attractive and durable billiards sports equipment.

FURY Willie’s story began in 2002, the United States, after great success in the European and American markets, FURY Willie turned to the Chinese mainland market. At the same time focusing on product design, production and sales. Each link is adjusted to better fit into the Chinese mainland market, and gradually develop and test new series of pool cues, to meet the needs of the Chinese market. The successful entry into the mainland market has created a brand new and more developed world for FURY Willie.

FURY Willie – can provide a wide variety of attractive, durable, stylish, and affordable pool cues in addition to other sports equipment for billiards lovers. This is the central idea of the product development technology, fashion trends, market demand, and how the distributors sell the products around the world.

Anyone can do this by making high-quality products at high prices, or by making low-quality products at low prices. But with a reasonable price to make a good product, FURY Willie has a cost-saving and innovative approach. This is the undying pursuit of FURY Willie since it started. That means the costs are reasonable. The sale of the Fury brand is to help our customers benefit from these savings.

For more information visit the Fury Cues website: FURY_Sports goods (

To check out more Fury cues:  https://sportexbd.comfury-cues/




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