Kamui Snooker Tip (Brown)


Layered / Non-Layered: Layered Tip
Leather Type: Pig Skin
Size: 11 mm
Tip Backing: Non Backed
Tip Hardness: Medium/ Medium Hard
Tip Type: Snooker Play Tip
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Kamui tips now made in smaller sizes for snooker or pool. Abreviated with the letters ‘SNKR’ around the bottom.
For too long pool and snooker players have struggled fitting an oversize 11mm tip and having lots of excess to trim off. There has been some debate if trimming off so much excess can interfear with the layers and upset the structure of the tip.
Kamui™ Tips are of the highest standard in billiard tips made today and used by players such as John Higgins & Stephen Maguire + many more.
Kamui™ layered tips consist of 100% pig skin leather. Kamui™ is the cutting edge of pool & snooker cue tips. With its unique production process, the tip maintains high porosity in the pig skin, allowing the Kamui™ tip to grip onto chalk & cue ball.
Laminated tips are more responsive but may not last as long as single layer tips. We can not be held responsible for tips de-laminating with use.



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