White Diamond Break Jump Tip


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Layered / Non Layered: Non-Layered Tip
Tip Type: Fibre
Size: 14mm
Tip Backing: Non Backed
Tip Hardness: Extra Hard
Tip Type: Break / Jump Tip


Are you ready for the next generation of break tips? The Picone White Diamond Break & Jump tip are among the best performing break and jump tips on the market. They are loved by pros and amateurs alike and best of all, they’re made from fiber instead of phenolic!

What makes White Diamond Break & Jump tip so special? Check this out:

  • This is not a phenolic tip, which can be difficult to glue and can be prone to miscues.
  • It takes and hold chalk better than most phenolic tips.
  • They allow you to put english on the cue ball, letting you stop the cue ball and even draw it back on a break or jump shot.
  • The tip can be glued on with the most common Super-Gels or epoxies and are less prone to popping off.
  • White Diamond Tips can be shaped and scuff easily with sandpaper and are extra thick and long-lasting.
  • They are not harmful to balls or equipment.

So what are you waiting for? Try this out and evolve your game today!

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