Xing Jue Dynasty Pool Table

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Table Specification:

  • Brand : Xing Jue
  • Model: Dynasty ( Tournament Edition)
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Color: Black Cushions, White Body with Nickel Trims & Pockets
  • Size: 9 ft x 4.5 ft
  • Structure –  Parallel Structure
  • Slate: 3 pcs 1″  Natural Chinese Slates leveled off to 99.8% level precision
  • Rail Material: Hardwood Cushion covered with Wilsonart Fireproof wood
  • Rail Cushion: K-55 Rubber Cushions
  • Ball Return System: Yes
  • Side Cover: Processed Wood
  • Pocket size: Corner: 11.5cm, middle:12.5cm


Xing jue Dynasty pool table is one of the most professional pool tables used worldwide. Imported & distributed by Sport Ex in Bangladesh

Xing Jue Billiards is a Professional manufacturing Snooker Tables/Billiard Tables/Pool Tables since 1998. Now with showroom 1000 SQ meter, Factory 10000 SQ meter. We supply various products for tournaments, clubs, homes, villas, companies, governments, hotels, restaurants, etc. For both domestic and overseas markets.

Shenzen Xingjue Billiards is the leading & Top Brand in terms of Manufacturing, Exporting & Supply of billiard tables. As well as Pool tables, Snooker Tables, American and Pool Tables including other Billiards/Snooker/Pool Accessories.

 Are Xing Jue Dynasty Pool Table OK for outdoor use?

Yes – in covered outdoor areas no worries and unlike most other tables available in Asia ours won’t slow down when it gets humid (as long as you keep the cloth and balls in good condition). It’s worth remembering though that on tables that are installed outside the cloth lifespan will be shorter as bugs get squashed into the cloth when the balls roll over them –expect to be changing cloths on outdoor tables every 6 months as opposed to every 1-2 years (or more) on indoor tables.

Tech Specs for pool tables

Pool table weight and volume:
9ft- 500kg, 1.65CBM
Pool table cushion nose:4cm, to make the ball will not jump out.
Pocket Size: 12cm(corner) /12.7cm(Middle)

For more information visit : Shenzhen Xingjue Billiards Co.,Ltd-XINGJUE BILLIARDS (

For more pool tables visit : Pool Tables – Sport Ex (

  1. Cloth -1 Set
  2. Ball -1 Set
  3. 2 Part Playing Cue- 1 Set
  4. 1 Part Break Cue – 1 Set
  5. Chalk – 12 Pc
  6. Triangle – 1 Pc
  7. Chalk Holder – 1 Pc
  8. Bridge Cue – 1 Pc
  9. Bridge Head – 1 Pc
  10. Table Brush -1 Pc
  11. Cushion Brush- 1 Pc
  12. Cue Stand – 1 Pc
  13. Lamp Shade – 1Set
  14. Table Cover – 1 Pc
  15. Gloves – 2 Pc
  16. Cue Tip – 6 Pc
  17. Cap Tip – 6 Pc


Xing Jue

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